Ecological science is defined as the science concerned with the interactions of living organisms with each other and with their environment, also called bionomics. GCS provides a wide range of ecological services to meet the needs of all the ecological challenges faced by our clients. The industries we serve include; the industrial and construction sector, mining sector, oil and gas, rail, agriculture, power generation and rehabilitation services.

GCS adopts a holistic approach in the compilation of our ecological reports and has expert knowledge in all relevant ecological fields. GCS aims to provide our clients with an integrated ecological plan that takes into consideration all environmental factors as a whole and the interlinkages that occur.

Comprehensive ecological impact assessment studies can be conducted as well as comprehensive baseline surveys and bio-monitoring.

The following ecological studies can be performed by GCS:

  • Wetland delineation, classification and functionality assessments;
  • Wetland restoration and rehabilitation;
  • Wetland management plans;
  • Biodiversity action plans;
  • Ecological flow requirements;
  • Habitat assessments;
  • Aquatic macro-invertebrate assessments (SASS5);
  • Ecological baseline assessment;
  • Implement and design of bio–monitoring plans;
  • Compliance monitoring;
  • Floral surveys;
  • Faunal surveys
  • Avi-faunal assessments;
  • Grazing capacity determination; and
  • Ecological management plans.


2014Kangra Coal (Pty) LtdKangra Maquasa Wetland PresentationMaquasa
2014Jeanne Tarrant Specialist ConsultingRahill Frog Survey Field WorkHillcrest
2014South mead (Pty) LtdSouthmead Wetland Rehab AuditDurban
2014RAM Truck BodiesKlaarwater Wetland AssessmentDurban
2014Northam Booysendal divisionBooysendal Contractors camp Bio-monitoringBooysendal Mine
2014Total Coal South Africa (Pty) LtdFish response assessment indices at Total Coal MineTotal Coal Kriel
2014ElMSDe Wittekrans Aquatic Impact AssessmentCoal Mine
2014ForbesForbes 2014 Aquatic BiomonitoringMine
2014SiVESTSMW Solar Photovoltaic Power Plants Wetland StudyJohannesburg
2014KSEMSBottlebrush Sanitation Project Desktop Wetland StudyKloof
2013Rainbow FarmsRainbow Killarney Broiler Farm Wetland StudyDurban
2013DRAMolo Ecological SpecialMadagascar
2013Eramet SAMukulu Ecological Specialist StudiesHotazel
2013KhumaniDiscard Dump Ecological SpecialistsSishen
2013Wits GoldBiomonitoring of aquatic ecosystemsVirginia
2013SiVestGa-Rankuwa Wetland Assessment ReviewSiVest Jhb Environmental Unit
2013Themtek CCRBM Pipeline Wetland AssessmentRichards Bay
2013Dixiland Investments CCDundee Road Residential Development Wetland
2013PI Roofing & BuildingEtabeni Rd Development Wetland QueryDurban
2013Delta Built Environment ConsultantsDTP Special Zone 10 Platform Wetland AdvicePretoria
2013Zululand Anthracite Colliery (ZAC)ZAC BiomonitoringDurban
2013Southmead Pty LtdSouthmead Cold Storage Facility Wetland RehabDurban
2013Southmead Pty LtdErf31558 Pinetown Wetland DelineationSouth mead
2013SiVESTLeeukop Wetland Report ReviewJohannesburg Environmental Unit
2013EskomBlackrock Klipkop-Umtu 132kV Powerline: Ecologist
Black Rock
2013Southmead Pty LtdSouthmead Cold Storage Facility Wetland DelineationSouthmead
2012SiVESTCornubia Retail Park Wetland Report AmendmentPietermaritzburg
2011Total Coal SA (Pty) Ltd2011 BiomonitoringAll operations
2010ArcelorMittal South Africa LimitedEcological management plan- waste disposal planVanderbijlpark works


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