Every organisation is accountable for the management and disposal of waste in a responsible manner by taking all reasonable steps to prevent harm to the environment. Where disposal to land is the preferred option for an organisation’s waste management, an effective barrier design will be required. This will require an engineering solution to the waste management option that will consider site conditions, waste characteristics, facility lifespan, barrier compatibility and stability.

GCS can design appropriate barrier systems for each waste that may be required. Together with the barrier design,associated pollution control measures will be necessary. The pollution control measures include, amongst others, surface water separation and containment, as well as subsurface migration control. It also includes storm water control berms, channels and subsoil drains.

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The design of pollution barrier systems must take into account the following aspects:

  • Liner compatibility, durability and stability
  • Conformance to the required legislation and regulations
  • Protection of barrier systems to simplify operational management
  • Operations and water (clean and dirty) management
  • Site conditions (fatal flaws, ground water, topography)
  • Type of management and operations should always be considered