Over the past decade our multi-disciplinary team of contaminated land experts have provided a comprehensive range of contaminated land services to both public and private sector clients. We have the necessary expertise and experience to undertake complex environmental risk assessments for contaminated land; and provide specialist advice on the clean-up (remediation) of impacted sites.

Overview of Contaminated Land Assessments

Our clients in the oil & gas, chemical and mining industries face problems related to spill and leaks of contaminants that may negatively impact the environment. Often the spill/leaks are unforeseen, not budget for, and interfere with the main operations of our clients.

Our clients come to us for guidance and a plan to help resolve their environmental contamination problems. We are our clients preferred environmental consultants as we provide the full spectrum of land contamination and remediation assessments. Above all, we won’t propose or undertake work if it (a) does not add value, and (b) is not crucial to the investigation.

In most cases the extent of spill/leaks are not noticeable on the surface, and because of this it is overlooked and forgotten. However, if left unattended, the contamination can spread and become a much bigger problem that will eventually need to be resolved.

Failure to address the contaminations could end in major fines and even imprisonment. We therefore always recommended that site contamination issues are addressed as soon as possible before the contamination spreads. 

If undertaken in a timely manner, we resolve the problems of our clients and allow them to continue with business as usual.

Aim of Our Investigations

The aim of the various contaminated land assessments (Phase I, Phase II, etc.) are to improve and develop conceptual site models which help identify potential source-pathway-receptor exposure linkages and highlight the potential risk posed to the identified human and environmental receptors.

Contaminated land assessments are crucial in determining the main contaminants of potential concern (COPCs), the migration characteristics of the contaminants, the source and extent of the contamination in soil and groundwater and if the contaminants can be broken down naturally without external intervention.

The data collected during the investigation feed into the remedial options appraisal (ROA) and remedial action plan (RAP) which is developed to address the site-specific soil and water pollution if it is found that the site contamination poses undue risk to the environment.

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