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In the interest of economic development, organisations produce various types of waste ranging from general waste to hazardous waste. The need for environmentally acceptable, yet cost effective waste management solutions has become increasingly important. Every organisation is accountable for managing and disposing of their waste in a responsible manner that takes all reasonable steps to prevent harm to the environment. Therefore, every organisation producing waste should have a waste management facility for the handling, treatment, storage and/or safe disposal thereof. Examples of these waste management facilities include transfer stations, recycling facilities, treatment facilities and landfill sites.

GCS has the necessary experience and capability to provide various organisations with practical and thorough designs for their waste management facilities. The designs address the following:

  • Identification of waste type, quantities and inherent characteristics of the waste and possible impact to the environment
  • The prevention and mitigation of any adverse impacts identified during site investigations and the Environmental Impact Assessment
  • The prevention of contamination of ground and surface water resources.

GCS compiles a detailed design of waste management facilities according to any prescribed regulatory requirements, for example, the South African National Norms and Standards for Disposal of Waste to Landfill and the National Environment Management Waste Amendment Act, 2014.

GCS addresses the following aspects in the design report for a waste management facility:

  • Waste management facility planning and development
  • Management of cover material, in the case of landfills
  • Waste management infrastructure such as access and access control, workshops and weigh bridges, office buildings and ancillaries including ablution facilities
  • Control and drainage of clean and contaminated water
  • Containment barrier design, if applicable
  • Collection, handling and treatment of leachate
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Gas abstraction systems, if required
  • Landscaping and planning of zoning and land-use after closure

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