Once a project has received Environmental Authorisation, ongoing monitoring, management and reporting of environmental compliance is required.  Environmental compliance is measured against the Environmental Management Plan (EMP). An EMP provides a clear framework for environmental and social performance and recommends appropriate strategies to avoid and reduce potential impacts.

The ECO scope of work varies according to the project activities, footprint and lifecycle. On larger projects, the ECO may be required on site permanently for the duration of the construction phase. On smaller projects, the ECO may undertake site monitoring on a weekly or monthly basis. The frequency of ECO monitoring will be stipulated in the Environmental Authorisation and in the EMP. The ECO will be legally required for any phase of the project which may have potentially significant impacts, if not monitored and effectively managed in line with the recommendations of the EMP.

GCS employs experienced and well qualified Environmental Control Officers (ECOs) to support the client, contractors and site manager with environmental compliance monitoring.