Based on the aspects and impacts identified in the Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR), a set of Environmental and Social Management Plans (ESMP) are developed for each of the components, to be implemented during project design, site preparation construction and operation phases. The purpose of these plans are to provide the clients project and operational staff with working “manuals” detailing the safeguards developed to protect the environmental and social entities described in the Environmental Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) by leveraging positive and limiting negative impacts. The ESMPs will provide a clear framework for environmental and social performance and help identify appropriate strategies to avoid and reduce potential impacts associated with the client’s activities.

GCS utilises an Environmental Control Officers (ECOs) previously not involved in the undertaking of the EIA/EMP to undertake the ECO duties as set out in the Environmental Authorisation. Conditions of the authorisation that influence the scope of work include the following:

Condition 3.14:

At least two (2) months prior to commencement of authorised activities a forum must be established to monitor and implement the measures contained in the EIAR and to report on compliance to the conditions of the authorisation.

Condition 3.15:

The above forum must meet with the independent ECO once per quarter for a period of a year effective from the commencement of the activities and thereafter biannually to discuss compliance in respect to the authorised activities.

Condition 3.16:

The independent ECO must:

  • Submit quarterly performance/audit reports to the department;
  • Maintain and update a site diary of events pertaining to the performance of the listed activities; and
  • Submit the minutes of the quarterly meetings to the department.

The ECO will be responsible for auditing and management of the following elements:

  • Objective/operational policy – identification of broad environmental outcomes desired;
  • Target/Performance Criteria – measurable performance criteria to measure objective achievements;
  • Management and mitigation actions/Implementation Strategies – definition of conditions to be met and actions to be taken to achieve objectives and targets;
  • Performance Monitoring – observations or measurements required to determine whether targets are met and auditing to prove compliance with management strategies;
  • Reporting – provision of the chain of reporting and clear record keeping;
  • Corrective Action – response; and
  • Responsibility – outline of personnel responsible for the management of elements or specific components of the element.


2014EcoAfrica Gauteng(Pty) ltdEMP compliance monitoring for SANBS Constantia
Kloof river embankment stabilisation
Constantia Kloof Campus
2014Rainbow Chicken FarmsKillarney Broiler Farm Monitoring ProgrammeDurban
2014Bokoni Platinum MineBokoni Platinum Environmental MonitoringBokoni Platinum
2013Kangra Coal (Pty) LtdMaquasa Expansion ECO WorkMaquasa
2012Northam Platinum Limited2012 Contractors Camp WUL AuditBooysendal Mine
2012Hatch Goba (Pty) Ltd2012 to 2013 Environmental AuditsKhumani Iron Ore Mine Khumani
2012DRA Mineral Projects2012 to 2013 Environmental AuditsNortham Platinum – Booyensdal
2011Northam PlatinumEnvironmental OfficerLear- Port Elizabeth
2010DRA Mineral Projects (Pty) LtdEnvironmental Control OfficerSNS Bricks- Brick Making Works
2010AECOMEnvironmental Health and Safety AuditSpringlake Colliery
2010SNS BricksSNS Bricks Environmental Audit 2010Constantia Kloof Campus
2010Shanduka Coal Springlake CollieryMonthly Environmental AuditingDurban


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