The Environmental Group has been involved in environmental authorisation processes and related work for more than 20 years. Group members have been involved in the application for authorisation of a significant number of large-scale developments and multi-disciplinary projects. The unit provides a cost effective and efficient service to clients, tailored to meet the legal requirements of country specific and international legislation. Services include:
African Services
Environmental Legal Compliance
Environmental legal compliance services offered include:
Compliance audits for mines, waste facilities, air quality and water
Environmental performance assessments
Due diligence audits
General environmental legal advice, legal assistance and legal reviews
Environmental Authorisations and Assessment
The unit has been involved in the following environmental authorisation processes:
Applications for listed activities under the in-country national Environmental Act, Waste Act and Air Quality Act
Prospecting and mining right applications under the in-country mining laws
Environmental management plan development and implementation
Environmental risk assessments
Environmental systems (including ISO 9001, 14001 & 45001 systems)
Mine closure applications and financial provisions
Water Use Authorisations and Assessments
GCS provides comprehensive services relating to water use licensing and regulation in terms of the in-country water laws, including:
Integrated Water Use Applications (IWULAs)
Integrated Water and Waste Management Plans (IWWMPs)
Water Use License (WUL) auditing and amendments
Water use registration and transfer of water use entitlements
Existing Lawful Water Use (ELWU) validation and verification
Marine, Terrestrial and Wetland Ecology
GCS performs the following ecology studies:
Ecology Baseline assessments
Ecology management plans
Applications for listed activities under the in-country Biodiversity laws
Floral, Faunal and avifaunal surveys
Wetland delineation, classification and functionality assessments
Design and implement wetland restoration, rehabilitation and management plans
Biomonitoring assessments
Habitat assessments
Aquatic macro-invertebrate assessments (SASS5)

Social Assessments
GCS offers the following social services:
Stakeholder engagement and community relations (best practice international standards apply)
Social impact assessments
Authority consultation and liaison
Social and Economic Impact Assessments (SEIAs)
Social and Labour Plan (SLP) development
Resettlement Action Plans (RAPs)
Environmental Control Officers
Environmental control comes into effect prior to the start of construction activities. Services offered include:
Identification of optimal environmental outcomes
Setting criteria to measure objective compliance
Observing and measuring requirements to determine whether targets are met and auditing to prove compliance with management strategies
Provision of reporting and clear record keeping
Corrective action response

The following sustainability assessment options are offered:
Water footprint: Calculating both the direct and indirect water usage, identifying the impacts of water usage within a catchment and examining the economic and social contribution of the water to the catchment.
Carbon footprint: Calculating the direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions translating to a carbon footprint,developing climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies and calculating carbon tax
Sustainability assessments: Assessing the relationship between the environment, project economics and society
Health & Safety
GCS has developed an Environmental, Health and Safety Management System based on the Occupational Health and Safety laws. Services offered by GSC include the design of a standard framework to:
Identify and control environmental, health and safety risks
Reduce potential accidents and incidents
Aid legal compliance
Improve overall occupational health and safety
International Services
The partnership GCS Environmental forges with each of its clients goes beyond only application and focuses on the relationship to maximise value for the client. The company’s cross border experience includes:
Host country legislation
Project management
International standards (World Bank, IFC, etc)
In-country consulting and assistance
Environmental compliance services and risks
Environmental management plans