Closure refers to the process leading to the issue of a closure certificate in terms of Section 43 of the Minerals and Petroleum Resources Development Act, 2002 (Act No 28 of 2002) (MPRDA). In terms of Section 41 (3) of the MPRDA, an applicant must make the prescribed financial provision for the rehabilitation or management of negative environmental impacts. If the holder fails to rehabilitate or manage the negative environmental impacts, the Minister may use all or part of the financial provision to rehabilitate or manage the negative environmental impacts. GCS makes use of the Department of Mineral Resources (DMR) Guideline Document for the Evaluation of Financial Provisions made by the Mining Industry. The guideline document contains the methodology for the assessment of the quantum for financial provision.

The DMR requires a ‘clean closure’ assessment, meaning that the mine infrastructure has no salvage value. It states that the cost for all scrap metal, cables and the like can be recovered, which normally covers the demolition costs. Generally accepted closure methods have been used as the basis for determining the master rates for the various closure components. In addition to the above, Section 43 of the MPRDA states that the holder remains responsible for any environmental liability, pollution or ecological degradation and management thereof, until the Minister has issued a closure certificate to the holder. GCS has the necessary skills to develop and assess the full financial provision for a mine or general infrastructure. GCS are also able to assist the client with their rehabilitation fund forecasting for their annual updates. GCS has conducted various different provision assessments of which most have been audited by external financial auditors. GCS has the necessary skills to submit the required documentation for a closure certificate.


2014Kangra Coal (Pty) LtdKangra Financial Provision Update 2014All Operations
2014Hatch Goba (Pty) LtdMacambini Phase 2- Rehabilitation PlanTugela Mouth
2014Two Rivers Platinum (Pty)LtdTwo Rivers Closure Cost UpdateMining operation
2014SiVEST SA (Pty) LtdWirtz Road Pipeline Watercourse Rehab PlanDurban
2014Skorpion Zinc2014 Update of Financial ProvisionRosh Pinah
2014Kangra Coal (Pty) LtdMavieriestad Borehole Sealing and Rehabilitation PlanMavieriestad
2013Kangra Coal (Pty) LtdLeiden Colliery Closure PlanLeiden Colliery
2013Samquarz (Pty) LtdSamquarz Annual Closure Cost UpdateDelmas Division
2013Kangra Coal (Pty) LtdKangra Group Closure Cost Assessment and UpdateHead Office (Piet Retief)
2013Witwatersrand Consolidated Gold Resources LimitedBurnstone Financial Provision ReviewJohannesburg
2013Kangra Coal (Pty) LtdKangra Closure Authorities Site VisitPiet Retief
2013Kangra Coal (Pty) LtdKangra Closure Sites MeetingPiet Retief
2013Kangra Coal (Pty) LtdKangra Financial ProvisionHead Office (Piet Retief)
2013LinkieSomkhele Closure CostingSomkhele
2013Southmead Pty LtdSouthmead Cold Storage Facility Platform AnalysisDurban
2013Assmang LimitedClosure Cost 2013Beeshoek Iron Ore Mine
2013SamQuarz Silica MineClosure Cost UpdateDelmas
2012Kangra Coal (Pty) LtdClosure Cost UpdateAll
2012Exxaro ResourcesClosure Cost Update - Leeuwpan CollieryLeeuwpan Coal
2012Eersteling Gold Mining Company LtdRehabilitation ProvisionEersteling Gold Mine
2012Transvaal Gold Mining Estates (TGME)TGME EPA and Closure Cost Assessment- 2012TGME & Sabie Mines
2012GCS Water and Environment (Pty) LtdCarbon Footprint AnalysisNew Product Development
2012James Ross StewartErf 881 Environmental Risk AssessmentErf 881 Germiston South Ext.
2012GCS Water and Environment (Pty) LtdGreen Building ConsultingNew Product Development
2012Kangra Coal (Pty) LtdKangra Rehabilitation FundGroup
2011Assmang LimitedClosure Cost AssessmentAssmang Manganese - Glosam
2011Simmer & Jack Mines LimitedClosure Cost UpdateMining
2011Buffelsfontein Gold Mines Limited2011 Closure Cost AssessmentTau Lekoa
2011Assmang LimitedBeeshoek Closure Cost AssessmentBeeshoek Iron Ore Mine


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