The National Environmental Management Waste Act, 2008 (NEMWA) requires that municipalities (Section 11 of NEMWA) and industries (Section 28) should prepare Waste Management Plans.
GCS designs integrated sustainable municipal and industrial waste management plans to provide the most cost effective, technically and environmentally acceptable solutions to the total waste management of the municipality or industry.

This includes:

A status quo / Situation Analysis study:

The exact status of waste management of the total study area is determined. This involves understanding what and how much waste is generated currently and will be generated in the future and how it is being managed and disposed of.

Identifying gaps and needs to achieve the desired end state:

Any gaps in the current waste management system are identified. Needs are determined to reach the desired end state.

Drafting solutions for waste management problems and/or problem areas:

Once the gaps and needs are understood, goals and objectives are set for addressing the waste management problems.

Alternatives Investigation:

Various options are compared and evaluated for each waste management problem identified, and the feasibility of each option is determined.

Formulation of an integrated waste management and implementation plan:

An integrated waste management plan is compiled; outlining the process and providing the most cost effective solutions to the collection of all the waste, possible locality and type of transfer stations, transportation, processing of special wastes and disposal. A targeted timeframe is set for each recommendation made, including the associated cost for implementation.