GCS (Pty) Ltd has over 10 years’ experience in the mineral and spring water industry. Our client base ranges from international clients with large scale abstraction, bottling and distribution plants to local clients with smaller scale abstraction and bottling facilities all over Africa.
The company has been involved in mineral water projects with regard to suitable site selection and resource identification, determining sustainable sources of mineral and spring water. It has assessed both water sources and bottling plants to ensure they conform to the standards and regulations set forward by SABS, SANBWA, EU, EEC and other international regulatory bodies.

The South African Natural Bottled Water Association (SANBWA) is the official governing body of the bottled water industry in South Africa. The association was formed in an effort to ensure high quality products, the longevity of the bottled water industry as well as protect the consumer and eliminate misrepresentation.
For a bottler to become a member of SANBWA and to use the SANBWA logo on their products, the following is required:
Water registration and licensing
Hydrogeological assessments
SABS or CSIR certificate of analysis of microbiological analysis conforming to the SABS natural bottled water standards
GCS (Pty) Ltd provides the necessary certification and hydrogeological information required by SANBWA and the various other regulatory institutes.