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The GCS Waste Management Team assists clients with waste management licence applications for their existing or proposed listed waste management activities in terms of the National Environmental Management Waste Act, Act 59 of 2008. These activities include the storage of waste, waste re-use, waste recycling and recovery activities, waste treatment and waste disposal activities, as well as the construction/closure and/or upgrading of the mentioned facilities, and associated structures and infrastructure. Waste management licence applications are compiled according to the requirements and standards of the relevant legislation and promulgated NEMWA regulations.

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GCS covers the following aspects as part of a waste management licence application:

  • Public participation process
  • Consultation with DEA, DWS and various Provincial Environmental Departments
  • Type and quantities of waste
  • Expected lifetime of sites
  • Classification of the waste streams
  • Finding suitable locations concerning adjoining land-uses, accessibility, wind direction, visibility, geotechnical and geohydrological aspects, and any other factors that may be influential
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Operational methods
  • Design (new and upgrades) for waste management facilities according to national norms and standards
  • Closure and end-use plans
  • Proposed land-use after decommissioning.

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The Waste Management Group draws on the GCS Water and Environmental divisions to assist with necessary specialist
studies as part of a waste management licence application such as:

  • GIS for site selection studies, route planning and visual impacts
  • Geotechnical and engineering geology for material selection, soils investigations and stability analysis
  • Hydrogeology – assessment of the groundwater regimes, aquifer vulnerability and contaminant migration
  • Surface Hydrology – rainfall run-off modelling, storm water control and assessment of flood return periods
  • EIA – use of GCS in-house EIA expertise for licencing and regulatory processes.